vrijdag 4 mei 2012

My Favorites: The Cats

StM 198b:  Who was your favorite singer or band as a teen?
Well, see StM 197b :-) It's the same band of which I purchased my very first music: The Cats!
Of course I loved other music too, like Electric Light Orchestra,  Kayak (Dutch symphonic band, and still active!), Eagles, Demis Roussos (and Aphrodites Child), and also SOUL music, but I had almost every album of the Cats...

Wie was je favoriete zanger of band in je tienerjaren? Dat waren The Cats! (zie StM 197a :-)
Natuurlijk vond ik andere muziek ook heel mooi, maar The Cats waren de enigen waarvan ik zo ongeveer alle albums had...

6 opmerkingen:

  1. great LO, the papers are just perfect with the picture!!!!

  2. Such a rockin page, HER! I love the photo and how you did your journaling. I looked up "the Cats" - so cool!!!!!!

  3. I LOVE the retro groovy papers with that hip photo of the Cats! Wayyyy cool layout Her! Thanks for playing along with us at STM again! We appreciate you!

  4. hee! great photo!!! how'd you get that embossed border?!

  5. It's not embossed... it's punched, white on white :-)