woensdag 17 oktober 2012

Spooky's day off

There's a bunch of ghosts living at De Haar Castle.
And at a 'ghost-weekend' mr. Devil woke them up so we could see them!

zaterdag 6 oktober 2012


Mijn schoolfoto van Vormingsklas b, De Horst in Amersfoort. . Die met de foute ruitjesbroek vooraan, dat ben ik.

I just turned 16 and I was too young to do the continuation schooling I would like to at that time. So I had to go to another school for a year. It was a school with almost only girls and we also had cooking lessons and needleworkclasses. Although that's not really my cup of tea, it was a fun schoolyear!
This is the photo of my class andtThe girl in front, with the chequered jeans, well, that's me...

The layout measures approx. 6x6 inch. And it's fun to do, those tiny ones!!