zaterdag 1 december 2012

In de Boeken

Mijn eerste echte langdurige baan, in de boekwinkel! Boekhandel Veenendaal in Amersfoort, op de Langestraat.
Ik werkte daar van 1978-1980, en deze foto's zijn gemaakt toen de winkel na een grote verbouwing weer open ging.

I don't have photo's of my very first jobs, but I do have these... I worked at a bookstore in Amersfoort, and I loved it. These photo's are taken at the re-opening of the shop. It had changed from a small, dark and dusty store to this modern (end 70's!) shop.

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  1. Her - loving your black and white layout, and your banner - great design and take on our challenge!! Thanks so much for playing along with Another Freaking Scrappy Challenge ... hope to see you play along again soon!!