vrijdag 6 juli 2012


'If you like your music loud, make a little noise', comes from 'Freedom' by Tyrone Wells, StM challenge 202A
This is Brian, enjoying the music.
I took these foto's about 20 years ago. Time really flies!

5 opmerkingen:

  1. omg! darling boy! what a little rockstar!!!

    is that your handwriting in the white pen!!! sooo perfect! if my handwriting looked like that, I'd use it on my pieces!!!

  2. Absolutely adorable! I LOVE music LOUD as can be!!!!! I agree with Phin - I wish I had handwriting as beautiful as yours!!!!

  3. Thanks, and yes, it is my handwriting...

  4. This is gorgeous Her! What a cutie! I love how you have him sitting in the circles! Thanks for joining us at STM!!!